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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Gavin found himself a victim of larceny at the hands of Napkin Doon contemporary-the Lost Collector!  Gavin has chosen number 2 to pick up the pieces.
A giant shoe box filled with baseball mystery.  But i will give you a peak...
SCC is now on the clock.  He may steal the mystery box, the Mookie jersey, the vintage lot, or the Trout relic.  Or he may select 3,4, or 6-15.  Good luck my friend.  Just as a note I will post any updates tomorrow around 7pm.


By my calculations Gavin was on the Mookie jersey for about ten minutes!  AJ in tribute to Napkin Doon to make a steal!!

Gavin may now steal the vintage lot or the Trout relic. Or he may select from numbers 2-4 or 6-15.  Good luck!


Gavin has made his selection of number 1.
A nice JSA autographed Mookie Wilson jersey.

AJ is on the clock.  He may steal the Mookie, the vintage lot, or the Trout.  He may also selct 2-4 or 6-15.  Good luck!


John has selected number 5.

A well loved six card vintage lot for John.  

Gavin is on the clock.  He may steal the Trout or the vintage lot.  He may also select from numbers 1-4 or 6-15.  GOOD LUCK!

BIG FUN GAME PICK 2 John Miller on the clock

John has a little over a day and then we will move on and let him jump back in later.  Ive emailed JM and left a comment on his blog but he may be out of pocket this weekend.  Let's cheer John on as the blogosphere watches in wonder. Even Tad wants to see pick 2
Hope your well bud and good luck in the BIG FUN GAME!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


The fuse is lit and here we go!  Spiegel selects 16 and here it is
2016 A&G Mike Trout Relic

John Miller is now on the clock.  He may select a number from 1-15 or steal the Trout!  Happy Hunting

BIG FUN GAME DRAFT ORDER and pick 1 is on the clock

Its time to get this BIG FUN GAME underway!!!

Below you will see the draft order.  I will allow 2 days from the time a pick is posted to have a new pick made.  If it is not made at that time the next person will be on the clock.  The skipped person may return at any time.  Hope this doesnt happen!

Here we go
Spiegel is up to bat. 1-16 are the numbers to choose from. Choose your choice...good luck!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Final seat gets filled and BIG FUN GAME RULES

It's time to get this baby on the runway. 

I must add John Miller to the mix cause in seat 14 I said bottom guy on the randomizer so he and Stealing Home are now both in.  So now the game will be final with 16 players!  Sorry bout that John but your in!!!

Number 16 the final seat belongs to this entrant:

Congratulations to LC for snagging the last spot.  Now it's time to share the rules, taken straight from Napkin Doon's original BFG in 2011.  I have changed a couple of particulars

So help me, I am going to generate some buzz on this blog.   One thing I think would be fun to do is a “White Elephant” card giveaway.  I am going to select 16 decent-to-good card related “gifts” and select 16 brave souls to sign up to play a game of “White Elephant” to claim them.   I think this game has several names, but this is how I know it.  Here is how it will work:
After I have 16 readers selected for the game, I will randomly set a pick order.  Whoever has the first pick can choose any lots #1-16.  I have already determined the prizes and assigned numbers to them.  Rest assured, there won’t be anything crappy, like a 1990 Donruss common.  Some prizes will be better than others though.  There will be a few single cards, a few player lots, and few autos, and some other surprises.   Keep in mind I am doing this on my dime, so don’t expect a vintage Mantle.
After player 1 picks their prize, I will identify the prize and cue player 2 to pick.  Player 2 can either steal that prize or pick from the remaining lots.  Player 3 can then either steal one of the known prizes, or can steal from the remaining lots.  It will go that way all the way until player 16 chooses their prize.    If player 16 however,  chooses to steal a prize from another player, that player will then have the option of taking the final unknown prize,  or stealing from someone else.  We’ll keep going until all prizes are claimed.  A couple of rules to keep in mind:
Prizes can only be stolen twice.  Once an item is stolen twice, it is frozen.
Players cannot steal back from someone who just stole from them.  You must wait at least one round to steal an item back if you get the opportunity.
Once the game is over, please email me your address and I will send out your prize.
Hopefully this makes sense, and if it goes well, we’ll do it again sometime.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Seat 14 gets filled

Thirteen lucky souls are ready to play the BIG FUN GAME!!  Tonight a 14th joins and we open the opportunity for the final shot at playing the game!

The Lucky 13 are:
Jedi Jeff
Richard Nebe Jr.
Diamond King
Angels in Order
Night Owl
Tim B
Daily Dimwit
Bob Walk the Plank
Tony L

Congratulations STEALING HOME!! For the final spot please nominate someone you want to see play the BIG FUN GAME!  If you want you can nominate yourself then you will receive one entry in the randomizer but if you want to pay it forward and nominate someone else that person will get two entries and sadly you will get none...unless someone else nominates you.  Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lucky #13 for the BIG FUN GAME

Down to the wire now only two spots left after tonight!  Who has joined the BFG?
Congratulations go out to SCC!

For seat 14 I wish you luck.  Leave me a random comment.  For this one i will pick the bottom randomizer guy after three spins!  Good luck on getting #14

Monday, April 17, 2017

Seat 11 and 12 get filled!!

Some great responses to the last BFG post and we have a pair of winners!
Two of my archest rivals and closest blogging buddies are in the BIG FUN GAME!  Only three spots remain so lets just comment why you are still in to get one of these final spots.  Tuesday night by 5pm

Just to clear something up.  The two spots are going to Tony L and BWTP.  Sorry for any confusion

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seats 9 and 10 are now taken. Win Seat 11 inside

This BIG FUN GAME is rapidly approaching....Let's recap the first 8 entrants

Jedi Jeff
Richard Nebe Jr.
Diamond King
Angels in Order
Night Owl
Baseball Card Breakdown

So who took down seats 9 and 10.....

Congratulations to Tim B and Sam from the Daily Dimwit who joined the game.  For seat 11 in the BIG FUN GAME----if you were going to have a championship match for the brass knuckle blogging world tag team titles who would your partner be and why?  Will randomize all entries that list a partner and a reason and select a winner Saturday night!  Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spot 8 Awarded

Spot 8 was a tough one.  But after deliberation I have chosen Spiegel83.  Congratulations sir!

Also after giving it some thought and analyzing the prizes I have decided that we are taking this bad boy to 15 spots!

So tomorrow night i will award spots 9 and 10 via the randomizer.  Simply leave a comment below with your thoughts on any random thing you wish!  Good luck!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spots 6 and 7 are awarded!

Lots of neat responses to my question from two days ago and below lets see who has won a spot at the BIG FUN GAME table......
Two heavy hitters have joined as Night Owl was nominated by Gavin and the luck of the randomizer was on their side.

Only three spots remain.  For tonight please tell me why you would like to play the BIG FUN GAME and I will pick entrant 8 from my favorite response.  Good luck to all!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another winner joins the fray! Plus two more chances to play the BIG FUN GAME

Congratulations go out to Chris who joined the winners table with his pick!
Who will join the group of five??  Heres your homework.  Leave a post here describing who is your favorite blogger and why.  I will allow for entries until 5pm central Monday night.  Then i will randomize all nominators and nominee pairs and the top one will receive entry for both parties-nominator and nominee.  Only rules are do not pick yourself, only enter one comment, and although i do love flattery dont pick me either lol.  Get after it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Time for winners!!

Its gonna be a big deal to have these spots in the BIG FUN GAME!  It will not disappoint and the prizes will certainly be better than this authentic hand autographed twinkie
We are looking for the top name and bottom name here
Congratulations to The Diamond King and Angels in Order.  Diamond King now thats a name i haven't seen about in quite a while.  Maybe another blast from the past such as Doon will join us! For spot number 5 lets guess the number of this orange Willinghammer parallel.  No double guessing and no deleting please. 
Good luck!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Winner 2 announced and 2 more chances to win!

Congratulations go out to Richard Nebe Jr. For becoming entrant two into the BIG FUN GAME
For entries 3 and 4 all you need to do is comment and i will randomize tomorrow night. The first and last names on the randimizer will be in!  GOOD LUCK!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Entry #1....we have a winner + entry 2 up for grabs!!

We have a winner for 1 of the golden tickets to play the big fun game....
Jedi Jeff takes spot 1 of 10!  Now for spot 2...this card is only numbered to 12!  Guess the number.  One guess per person.  No deleting guesses. And in the event that two pick the same number then the time stamp shall be the tiebreaker.  Good luck!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Will you be BIG FUN GAME entrant 1?

Gonna need to find 10 hearty souls to play a very nice BIG FUN GAME.  Below is a Mark Ingram numbered to /25.  Guess the serial number. 1 guess per person.  If for some reason two people pick alike i will pick winner by blogger timestamp.  Please dont make picks and then erase them.  Just one pick and done please.  Will let this run till 8pm central tomorrow.  Then I will announce a winner or throw up another card to guess.  Good luck at becoming entry one into the BIG FUN GAME!!

Monday, April 3, 2017


There once was a man named Napkin Doon who had a BIG FUN GAME. The man still exists but with his blessing the game now returns here.  Details coming soon....