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Saturday, July 22, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 17- Dawgbones

Tonight we have entrant 17 courtesy of Richard aka Dawgbones.  Richard did quite a bit of research via email which led him in the right direction.  Here is his claim

And Richard listed a couple other items and asked that i surprise him. I can definitely do that.  So what did he send in return?? A doozy of a trade package
 This is definitely not a snake oil trade
 A lovely red refractor
 Hammer Time
 Mad Dog
 Miscut and fantastic
 A beaut of a card
 Presidential Action
 Bravos led by Chippah
 A nice b ball relic
 I have an itch to get in on the ginter fun
 A Smoltzie manuswatch
 I love boxing relics
 Onto the auto portion of our program
 Some more hockey love
 Man i miss Craiggers.  This baby is beautifully red
 Such a great unique auto
Richard finished me off with a great Harley shirt thats BIG ENOUGH FOR ME TO WEAR!!!

You did a great job Bones!!  Thank you!

Friday, July 21, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 16- Bob Walk the Plank

This is entry for the reigning and defending champion Bob Walk the Plank.  Matthew is the master of ceremonies there and also my biggest adversary and also my best trading partner.  We started out slow and eventually things reached a level never seen here before.  Got a lot of respect for the man that is Matthew Scott.  Here is what he claimed in the WCOT

Would you expect anything less than straight fire in return from this mad man
Here we go

 He started with these little hammers
 Then we innocently moved into this auto relic
 This beauty is #d to 50 and it only gets lower
 Now another beauty dropping down to /40
 Holy smokes this red auto is #d to 5
 Holy crap another 5er
 And whats better than that....
This is 1/1 fire!!

Matt my friend you are simply top notch brother.  I thank you so very much for everything.  

Coming up in the next couple of days are Angus and Richard...spoiler alert.  Both brought major heat

Thursday, July 20, 2017

World Cup of Trading Deadline August 14th

Good evening everyone!  Just wanted to pass along that I have decided the deadline for WCOT entries will be August 14th.  That gives the final seven time to get their entries in under the wire.  Its looking like a very strong field for my last hurrah and I thank you all for that!  Have a great night friends!

World Cup of Trading Entrant 9/Wave 2- Gavin

Today we have a very special add on to entrant 9 for the World Cup of Trading!  Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown strikes again!

 Well Hello There
 Theres a top 40 hit if I ever saw one
 Fantastic kiss just for me
 The chicks are hot
 But these Willinghammer customs
 Are even hotter
 Not available for retail purchases
 These hot hammers
 Are 1/1 beauties from the custom lab of Dr. BCB
The weathering is spot on.  You are an artist sir!  Great addition to your WCOT ENTRY my friend!! Thank you!

Up next is the 2017 entry for defending WCOT champion and my arch rival Mr Bob Walk.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 15- Billy

Today I want to share a slobber knocker of a WCOT entry.  This one comes courtesy of Billy K.  Billy claimed three items...
 A nice cube full of relics
 A cube of basketball
A nice low numbered triple relic

In return he sent a wrestling heavy return trade
 A couple of neat sunoco tokens
 A well weathered Brutus bendie. DIDNT HAVE IT!
 Jean Clad Stone Cold!  DIDNT HAVE IT
 Here comes the Ax here comes the Smasher.   Well this is Smash and Crush but I DIDNT HAVE EITHER
 Ooooo hello Angelina
 Loving this gold ink Hacksaw
This is definitely a studly duel of a great classic team! Awesome!!

Thanks for a great trade Billy!